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The WordPress product ecosystem is full of opportunity. But the competition is fierce. Getting your theme, plugin, or SaaS to stand out takes work.

Product messaging is a key to your success. But how can you reach the right people in terms they can understand?

Let WP Product Writeup help! You’ll have access to a professional writer with over a decade of experience in the WordPress space.

We’ll help introduce customers to your product. We offer quality, white-labeled content. Publish it on your website or as “advertorial” content on another site. You might also use it in your marketing emails or print materials.

Effective Messaging Targeted to Your Audience

Simplify Your Content

Maybe you have a great product. But unclear or overly technical messaging can get in the way. It’s an obstacle to reaching everyday users.

Speak Clearly to Customers

WP Product Writeup focuses on easy-to-understand content that educates and empowers.

Build Trust

An empowered user will be confident in your product. They’ll envision how it can help them achieve their goals. And they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

Meet Eric Karkovack, Founder of WP Product Writeup

Hi, I’m Eric Karkovack. I’ve been working with and writing about WordPress for over a decade.

You may have seen my work in:

I’m also a freelance web developer with over 25 years of experience. I use WordPress daily. I work with a variety of themes and plugins. And I also create custom solutions.

I believe this gives me a unique perspective on the WordPress product market. I understand the needs of both professionals and end users. And I can communicate it through writing.

Photo of Eric Karkovack

I’ve worked with Eric for years, and his knowledge and understanding of WordPress have never failed to amaze me. Combine that with his years of experience as a successful freelance web designer, and you have the perfect writer for the WordPress community.

Paul Andrew, Speckyboy Design Magazine


WP Product Writeup aims for simplicity. We want to provide top-notch content to showcase your WordPress product.
No complications or fuss.

Custom WordPress Product Writeup


An 800-1,200 word custom product writeup. Publish it anywhere!

We’ll work with you to determine key selling points.

Collaborate via Zoom (up to 30 minutes) or email.

Perfect your content with up to 2 (two) rounds of revisions.

Content delivered in HTML or Google Docs formats.

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Custom WordPress Product Writeup
+ The WP Minute


An 800-1,200 word custom product writeup.

Content will be published exclusively on The WP Minute’s website.

This content will be focused on introducing your product to the WordPress community.

Instant access to an audience of WordPress professionals and users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of materials do you provide?

WP Product Writeup offers white-label content to use on your website. You might also use it as sponsored content on blogs or social media. You can even print it out to distribute at WordCamps and other events.

How does the process work?

First, we’ll discuss your WordPress product and identify your audience. We’ll then determine the key points you want to communicate.

WP Product Writeup will provide you with a draft copy of your content. Review your content carefully and suggest revisions. By the way, our packages come with two (2) rounds of revisions.

Once you’re happy, the content is yours to do as you please!

What do you need to get started?

It doesn’t take much to get started. At a minimum, we’ll need access to your product and what makes it unique.

However, the more details you can provide, the better. Our goal is to produce the best outcome possible. Your involvement is crucial!

How long will the article be?

We recommend that articles stay within 800-1,200 words. Why? Longform content requires too much attention from readers.

We find that staying within this range educates readers without losing their attention. Thus, it’s our sweet spot.

Do you work with all WordPress products and companies?

WP Product Writeup will consider all interested parties. But we are picky about who we work with. Not everyone will be the right fit.

We love collaboration and open minds. If that sounds like you, get in touch.

Do you provide audio or video content?

WP Product Writeup is focused solely on written content at this time. However, we’re happy to work with your existing assets.

What’s the Custom WordPress Writeup + The WP Minute package all about?

This package is perfect for those who want to promote their WordPress product! You’ll have instant access to The WP Minute’s audience of WordPress professionals and users. WP Product Writeup creates the content, The WP Minute publishes it.

Note that there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Your content will serve as an introduction to the WordPress community. It could be a general product tour. Or we can focus on a specific type of use.
  • This content will be published on The WP Minute’s website. You cannot use it elsewhere.
  • You’ll work directly with The WP Minute to schedule your content’s publish date.

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