Comparing Your WordPress Product to the Competition

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The WordPress marketplace is crowded. There are multiple competitors in just about every product niche. Your product is not the only game in town. Thus, it becomes harder to stand out. It’s even more difficult on a shoestring marketing budget. Potential customers may not know what makes your product a great choice. A feature list … Read more

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Replace Writers with AI

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The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is here. Or so we’re told. People are making bold predictions and big promises. Don’t get me wrong. I believe AI is a game-changing technology. It’s just that – we hear similar hype every few years. Sectors like social media and cryptocurrency are prime examples. Pundits and executives claim magical … Read more

The Biggest Content Fails I See from WordPress Products

Building and marketing a WordPress product is tough. But the reality is that you need to excel at both. Your success depends upon it. Producing great content should be part of your marketing strategy. You’re inviting potential customers into your world. You’re providing them with an opportunity to learn and explore. The hope is that … Read more

Use Case Studies to Boost Interest in Your WordPress Product

It’s one thing to tell the world what your WordPress product can do. The right marketing message can attract new customers. But some may dismiss this as hyperbole. Case studies are another matter. They offer an opportunity to demonstrate how real people use your product. It’s a first-hand look at helping customers achieve their goals. … Read more

How to Overcome Language Barriers in WordPress Marketing

The WordPress community is worldwide. It reaches every corner of the globe. It makes sense when you consider the software’s market share. The community’s size and scope are heartening on one hand. It demonstrates the power and popularity of WordPress. But it also presents a unique challenge to product makers. How do you communicate with … Read more

Tips for Writing Clear WordPress Product Tutorials

A well-written tutorial is a great marketing tool. Both new and existing users can learn something about your product. And it can inspire them to keep experimenting. However, writing tutorials is challenging. You want to inform readers without overwhelming them. It’s easy to go overboard with technical jargon. Plus, not everyone will have the same … Read more

The Best Types of Content to Showcase Your WordPress Product

People will judge your product before they’ve used it. They’ll do so based on the content you provide. For example, consider your theme or plugin summary. It serves as an introduction to your product. Users may make their decision to try it based on this information. The same goes for the content on your … Read more

WordPress Plugin Authors: Don’t Assume a User’s Skill Level

The WordPress plugin ecosystem is large. And there are products aimed at a variety of audiences. Some are focused squarely on web developers. Others look to onboard new users. Plugin authors should communicate according to their audience. But context is still important. Documentation should provide clear explanations in either case. And it should be easy … Read more

What Customers Need to Know About Your WordPress Product

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Shopping for a WordPress plugin, theme, or SaaS can be overwhelming. Numerous products are competing across each category. And they all have different strengths, weaknesses, and costs. It’s not so different from shopping for an item on Amazon. Shoppers compare products and study reviews. One big difference? Amazon allows you to compare competitors side-by-side. WordPress … Read more