The Best Types of Content to Showcase Your WordPress Product

People will judge your product before they’ve used it. They’ll do so based on the content you provide.

For example, consider your theme or plugin summary. It serves as an introduction to your product. Users may make their decision to try it based on this information.

The same goes for the content on your website. It’s a crucial part of converting shoppers into buyers. The difference is that you have more control over the experience.

That’s good news. You have an opportunity to educate and inform users. The right content can be a decisive factor.

There are so many possibilities! Let’s look at the best types of content to showcase your WordPress product. Each adds value and will pique user interest.

Product Feature Tours

How does your product work? What can users expect from it? A product feature tour can answer these questions.

Help users better understand your product by showing them key features. You can use a combination of text and multimedia content to do so. Include videos or even animated GIFs.

What if your product has a lot of features? Start with a summary of the most important ones. From there, you can branch out into separate, in-depth tours.

Use Case Tutorials

WordPress is known for its flexibility. As such, your product could be an ingredient in many types of websites.

However, a user may be unsure about how your product fits in. Does it work well with WooCommerce? How does it benefit a membership site? The answers aren’t always obvious.

Creating niche content may be just the thing. Demonstrating how your plugin or theme works in common scenarios provides convincing evidence. Users no longer have to guess about its fitness or relevance.

Use case tutorials can help users understand how your product fits their needs.

Customer Case Studies

Seeing someone else’s story builds trust in your product.

A customer success story takes the use case tutorial to the next level. It offers a real-world glance at how someone achieved their goals using your product.

Perhaps someone used your product to increase efficiency. It may have boosted conversions. Whatever the case, the customer had a great experience. They wanted to share it with others.

People often relate to case studies. They see themselves and the challenges they face. Seeing someone else’s story builds trust in your product. That’s too good to pass up.

Previews of What’s to Come

Are you planning to add a new feature? Provide readers with a preview of what’s to come. You’ll create a buzz about where your product is going.

It’s a vital component for commercial themes, plugins, and services. Users want to know that your product isn’t standing still. They’ll be reassured that you are committed to making improvements.

Publish this content ahead of time. Show users what’s changing and, most importantly, what’s better. They’ll anticipate these changes and can prepare for them. Best of all, they’ll be excited about the launch.

Keep Users Interested in Your WordPress Product

Building a great WordPress product is only the first step. Keeping users aware and interested requires an ongoing commitment. Creating the above types of content can help you do so.

Each item will educate existing and prospective users. It allows them to evolve along with your product. And it will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Take your product’s content seriously. It may be the best sales tool you have. And it may also be the most cost-effective way to spread the word.

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