What Customers Need to Know About Your WordPress Product

Shopping for a WordPress plugin, theme, or SaaS can be overwhelming. Numerous products are competing across each category. And they all have different strengths, weaknesses, and costs.

It’s not so different from shopping for an item on Amazon. Shoppers compare products and study reviews.

One big difference? Amazon allows you to compare competitors side-by-side. WordPress doesn’t offer this convenience. Even the plugin repository requires a lot of searching and reading.

And a product’s description may be less than compelling. Some developers struggle to describe its purpose and features. Users are left to guess and wonder if it’s a good fit.

So, how can you pique a user’s interest in your WordPress product? Here are a few things they should know.

The Intended Audience of Your Product

Who are your core users? This information should be front and center of your content efforts. A glance should provide the answer to readers.

Now, some WordPress products have a larger audience than others. An SEO plugin might look to attract web professionals and site owners.

But there are also plenty of niche offerings. A service aimed at enterprise customers is an example. The same goes for a plugin that helps developers troubleshoot performance issues.

Potential customers need to know if your product is for them. Don’t expect them to read through your entire website to find out.

The Problem(s) Your Product Solves

Why does your product exist? It may seem like a simple question. However, this isn’t always easy for users to discern.

Provide an outline of what your product does. Share the basics of the problems it solves. Give people a reason to add it to their WordPress toolbox.

Even complex products can benefit from this strategy. You can use tutorials and documentation to spell out the finer details. But an introduction should be a proverbial 50,000-foot view of its capabilities.

How Much Your Product Costs

Take great care when publishing your pricing options. The WordPress community values transparency. Avoid misleading and confusing packages.

Users need to know how much your product will cost. That covers both the initial cost and any recurring fees.

Also, spell out what a customer will receive for their hard-earned cash. Clearly explain the difference between your pricing tiers.

This includes free versions of a product as well. What do users receive when they upgrade?

You’ll empower users to make the right choice. And you may avoid the dreaded email that comes after buyer’s remorse.

Make a Strong First Impression

Product descriptions make a first impression on users. It applies to your website and your listing on a WordPress repository.

Therefore, it’s worth making this content clear and concise. Be deliberate in sharing your product’s purpose, features, and price.

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