Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Replace Writers with AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is here. Or so we’re told. People are making bold predictions and big promises.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe AI is a game-changing technology. It’s just that – we hear similar hype every few years.

Sectors like social media and cryptocurrency are prime examples. Pundits and executives claim magical powers. And then what? Well, things usually aren’t quite that amazing. How are those NFTs working out, by the way?

AI could be a different animal. However, I prefer cautious optimism. I’m a ChatGPT user. But I’m not ready to cede every task to it.

I also admit to having a personal stake in the outcome. AI’s ability to generate text could replace human writers. Or at least people will try to replace them. That could leave professionals like me in a lurch.

Are you tempted to use AI to promote your WordPress product? It can provide you with free content in short order, after all.

Slow your roll, my friend. Here’s why you should think twice about entrusting a bot to represent your business.

You Probably Aren’t Fooling Anyone

The output of AI text generators is impressive. The content they create can be convincing. We might mistake it for something written by a human. On the surface, anyway.

A closer look can reveal cracks in AI’s armor, though. The text may have a decent flow. However, it often lacks personality.

Sure, you can specify a personality type in a prompt. You can tell it to sound like Mark Twain. But this will only get you so far.

AI-generated content is a novelty. People will eventually learn to spot it. And it could end up hurting your business.

I recently wrote about this subject for Speckyboy Design Magazine. A few well-known publications have tried to replace human writers – and failed spectacularly.

The fallout could be even worse for WordPress product makers. Your audience is likely tech-savvy. They may well feel insulted. Is it worth the risk?

AI Doesn’t Know Your Audience

Investing in content is a way to make a connection. Readers will immediately recognize your efforts. It will set you apart from the competition.

AI tools are capable of writing content. But they aren’t familiar with your audience. They don’t know their needs or challenges.

Great content makes a connection with readers. That’s what creates trust and, eventually, sales.

WordPress products have a unique position. People entrust them to run their websites. And they’re an integral part of their organization. It’s not the same as selling a novelty item.

The goal is to help users understand why they should use your product. You’ll need to demonstrate what it does and what makes it awesome.

Investing in content is a way to accomplish this. Readers will immediately recognize your efforts. It will set you apart from the competition.

AI might help you smooth out the rough edges of your content. But don’t expect it to build a bond with your audience. Humans are infinitely more qualified to do so.

You’ll Get No Love from Search Engines

The likes of Google are way beyond looking for keywords alone. Search engines now look for quality and authority. AI is unlikely to provide either. At least not without human help.

Search engine visibility is vital for WordPress products. People often look for a specific type of theme or plugin. Quality content is one way to ensure that users find you.

For instance, let’s say you sell a membership plugin. A tutorial that touts your product’s features could be a goldmine of search engine traffic. But it won’t rank well if Google deems it as low quality.

The question is how search engines will treat AI-generated content. Google has said it’s looking for quality rather than method of production. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be fine to automate content creation.

It still takes a keen eye to curate great content. Thus, correcting and clarifying AI output may be more trouble than it’s worth.

Human Writers Are Still Your Best Bet for Success

Yes, I’m biased toward humans! I appreciate AI’s ability to perform various tasks. But I still believe that people are better at some things. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Writing that connects with readers is one of those things. Plus, readers can contact a writer to provide feedback and ask questions. Those one-to-one relationships matter.

The same applies to product owners. You can connect with a writer and provide an intimate understanding of your brand. The results will reflect this investment.

It’s about more than bullet points in a chat prompt. It’s about developing a strategy that works for you.

In that case, investing in people is a better bet.

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