Use Case Studies to Boost Interest in Your WordPress Product

It’s one thing to tell the world what your WordPress product can do. The right marketing message can attract new customers. But some may dismiss this as hyperbole.

Case studies are another matter. They offer an opportunity to demonstrate how real people use your product. It’s a first-hand look at helping customers achieve their goals. That’s powerful stuff.

Prospective users look at case studies differently. They see themselves in the subject. Most importantly, they see how your product can solve their problem.

There are plenty of benefits to sharing case studies. But how do you create an effective one? Here are a few key ingredients.

Think about the Message You Want to Share

A story that makes users feel empowered is one worth sharing.

Case studies can run the gamut of use cases. That’s important to keep in mind when choosing what to publish. Will readers be able to relate to the content?

Much depends on your product. For example, a developer-focused plugin may want to demonstrate its flexibility. The story of a customer who used it to build something unique is relevant.

This strategy won’t apply across the board, however. Some examples may go too far outside the box. They may have used methods you don’t recommend. Thus, it’s worth thinking twice about sharing such stories.

The goal is to help users envision success. A story that makes them feel empowered is one worth sharing.

Create an Easy-to-Understand Narrative

It’s easy for case studies to go off-topic. They sometimes meander into details that water down the message.

Details are important. But they should fit within a greater narrative. One that is easy for readers to understand.

In some ways, it’s similar to a tutorial. The idea is to guide users from Point A to Point B. The trick is to get them there in a linear fashion.

As an example, a case study might follow this basic narrative:

  1. The subject faces a challenge.
  2. They search for solutions and ultimately choose your WordPress plugin, theme, or service.
  3. Your product helps them because of x, y, and z.
  4. The subject looks back and is satisfied with their experience.

The above formula should cover most scenarios. In those cases, you won’t need to go too deep. A five-to-ten-minute read will suffice.

Encourage users to share their story with you.

Focus On Content, Not Sales Pitches

The intent of the reader is also worth considering. Think about why they’re checking out your case study.

They’re most likely interested in your product. And they want to learn more about another person’s experience with it. Perhaps they’re facing a similar challenge. They may or may not be ready to purchase.

It’s not the time or place for high-pressure sale tactics. For example, displaying a modal advertisement as the article is loaded. That’s an invitation for a reader to leave your site altogether.

Feel free to add a call-to-action (CTA) or similar marketing material. However, take care not to distract from the content. And add value where you can.

The end of a case study may be a great spot to offer a discount code. You might also encourage readers to join your mailing list.

Still, your content should be the primary focus. Users tend to appreciate this more than an intrusive ad.

Let Happy Users Sell Your Product for You

A satisfied customer with a story to tell can make a convincing argument. It may be the best sales tool of them all.

And users are often willing to share their experiences. It’s an opportunity for product makers. And it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in business.

Plus, you may not need to look far for subjects. Users may already be sending thank-you notes. Or they could be singing your praises on social media. Reach out and see if they’ll participate in a case study.

From there, it’s about gathering the facts and creating a narrative. Follow the tips above and let happy users sell your product for you.

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